At the UU Church of Haverhill we are committed to the idea and practice of shared ministry. We believe that we are each called to do our part to make this a stronger, more vital church and a better world. We try to practice this both within our walls and in the wider community. We encourage and invite you to find your place here by serving in one way or another.

We are part of the congregational tradition, and govern ourselves by congregational polity. This means that most of the authority here ultimately rests with members of the church. The congregation has the power and the responsibility to call a minister, to elect its leaders and to approve the annual budget. Our annual meeting is held on the first Sunday in June, following the worship service.

The Board of Trustees is elected at the annual meeting, and is responsible for making policy decisions and overseeing the work of church committees. The Board consists of church members who are elected for three-year terms and who meet on the second Tuesday of the month at 7 PM.

The Committee Council is composed of committee chairs or other committee representatives who meet quarterly to share information about the work of committees, coordinate events and activities, share ideas and plan for the future. 

Our staff is led by the Rev. Frank Clarkson, who was called to be our minister by a unanimous vote of the congregation on April 13, 2008. In addition to Rev. Frank, the members of the program staff are Office Administrator Lisa Compton, Director of Religious Education Sally Liebermann and Director of Music Nate De Young.