Committees & Ministry Teams


Committees and ministry teams provide the foundational structure of the church. Much of the work of the congregation is done through these groups. In addition, they help sustain a source of connection and community among participants. These groups can be divided into three categories: ministry & worship, member support & activities, and finance & operations.


Ministry & Worship
Ministry and worship are at the core of this church. This is why we are here at UUCH. Sunday worship is a multi-faceted experience. It is a time to touch what is sacred and share our joys, concerns and sorrows with one another. It is also a time to remember our faith commitments and to be inspired to work for a better world. This area includes the following committees:
Children and Youth’s Religious Education
This committee determines the overall education program of the church school, works closely with the Director of Religious Education, recruits and supports teachers and youth advisors.
Committee on Ministry
Guides the practice of shared ministry of the church and oversees the well-being of the church community in close consultation and meetings with the minister.
Music Committee
Works with the Music Director to support and enrich the music program of the church. Encourages wider participation of the congregation in the musical life of the church.
Worship Committee
This committee advises the minister on worship service issues and oversees a combination of services and activities associated with Sunday Morning worship – ushers, flowers, coffee hour and special services.
Member Support & Activities
Membership is vital to our community. It is important to offer and provide support to both new as well as established members. We recognize that there is diversity in experiences, learning styles, availability and interests; we offer many different types of activities to assist each of us to grow spiritually and to connect with others. The committees and activities in this area include:
Membership Committee
This committee promotes and encourage membership and fellowship in the Church. It is responsible for welcoming newcomers and and inviting them into the life of the congregation.
Circle Dinners
These are small, intimate potlucks held in members’ homes for an evening of fun, food and conversation. This is also a time for new members to be invited and interact with others.
Adult Religious Education
This committee is in the development phase. Our goal this year is to offer a variety of adult education opportunities.
Social Justice Committee
This committee oversees our activities that address issues of social justice and welfare in our local community and in the world at large. 
Green Sanctuary Committee
This Committee is working to bring the church into compliance with environmentally friendly practices. By joining the Green Sanctuary Committee you can make a difference locally and globally.
Welcoming Congregation Committee
This committee is charged with maintaining and supporting our status as a Welcoming Congregation through education, social action and community outreach on issues pertaining to the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) Community.
Meditation Group
Provides opportunities for spiritual growth and personal development. The sessions consists of Qi Gong, Kai Gong, and sitting meditation.
AA Meetings
Meets Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 7:00 pm in the Church’s lower dining area.
Finance & Operations
Like all churches, we need a solid foundation from which to build and grow. We have a variety of ways which we raise and solicit financial support from our members and friends. The committees and events that help in this area include:
Finance and Administration Committee
Reviews the finances of the Church, including both the operating and permanent funds; makes budget and other fiscal recommendations to the Board of Trustees. Budget requests from committees are submitted for approval each year prior to the annual meeting.
Service Auction
Members of the church donate a service or an item of value to the church which is auctioned off to other members. 
Annual Canvass
Each spring, a pledge drive is conducted with every member.  At this time, the budget for the next fiscal year (to begin July 1) is presented to the congregation and all members and friends are asked to pledge to the church in order to fund that budget.  It is only through these pledges that the church can pay its staff, maintain our building and fund our programs.  A final budget that depends upon the pledges made is presented to the congregation for its approval at our Annual meeting in June.
Plant Sale
In the spring members and friends dig up their gardens and donate their plants to sell. All varieties of plants are sold. Help is needed with setting up the day before the sale, working at the sale, and cleaning up after. In previous years leftover plants have been donated to area garden clubs.
Rose Tea
The Rose Tea is a traditional high tea served on a Saturday afternoon in the spring. Sweets and entertainment guarantee that a good time is had by all! This is the major annual fundraiser for the Ladies Circle treasury, which supports thw work of the church.
Building & Grounds Committee
This committee oversees the maintenance and repair of our building and grounds and the selection and duties of the custodian. It is responsible for the repairs to both the exterior and interior and for developing long-range plans to preserve the integrity of our property. It’s an important  job, and additional help is always needed and welcomed.
Personnel Committee
This committee is responsible for developing and maintaining policies for how we work with church staff. These policies are designed to maintain good hiring and employment practices, and articulate expectations for staff through job descriptions and annual evaluations.