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Our roots here in Haverhill go deep. The UU Church of Haverhill is a federation between two of Haverhill's historic churches, the First Parish (Unitarian), which was founded in 1645 and the First Universalist Church, which was founded in 1825. These two congregations officially joined in 1950, 11 years before the two denominations came together to form the Unitarian Universalist Association. To learn more about the UUA, visit the website.

Our beautiful church building was built by members of the First Universalist Church in the late 1800s, and people have been gathering for worship here on Kenoza Avenue since 1894. There is a wheelchair accessible entrance and accessible parking spaces, as well as a parking lot, at the rear of the building on Ashland Street. On-street parking is available in front of the church on Kenoza Avenue. Church office hours and contact information are available here.

Ours is a covenantal tradition. We put more emphasis on how our lives are transformed by this faith, how we act, than on what we believe. How we treat others, within and outside the church walls, speaks volumes about our faith. To that end, we have developed a Congregational Covenant, which articulates how we intend to be in community together. This covenant was adopted at the Annual Meeting June 2, 2012,

We strive to be a beloved spiritual community which affirms that Love is the Doctrine of this church; therefore, we enter into this covenant:


We honor our Diversity, 

so I vow to speak my own truth and encourage others to voice their truths.


We cherish Compassion and Kindness, 

so I pledge to use love and forgiveness as a guide in my relationships with others

and seek assistance when in need.


We value Respect, 

so I promise to deal directly with others, to reflect patience, listening with an open mind and heart,

and mindful of the good intentions of others.


We value Accountability, 

so I will reflect carefully before taking action and accept responsibility for what I say and do.


As we seek to understand our interconnections,

we celebrate the strength we hold as individuals and collectively as a beloved community

to build the common good.


UUs try to embrace diversity with a generosity of spirit. Our Unitarian forbear Francis David described our tradition well when he said, “We need not think alike to love alike.” In this congregation we do not all believe the same thing or express our theology and spirituality in the same way. We trust that this diversity is a source of strength and vitality, and that we will learn from each other and draw support from one another, which will help us to grow deeper in the spiritual life. We invite you to join us!

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  • Jim Ryan
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    Member since: 2007
    Birthday: January 22
    Committees past or present:

    Chair of the Board of Trustees (2009, 2010) Membership Committee (2010)

    Hobbies & Interests: Art, Photography, Bird Watching, Rock Climbing, Hiking, Biking, Playing Games with my 13 year old
    Mini Credo: To reduce suffering
    Something we don't know about you: I practice the 8 limbs of yoga: Yama - universal morality; Niyama - personal observances; Asanas - body postures; Pranayama - breathing exercises; Pratyahara - control of the senses; Dharana - concentration and cultivating inner perceptual awareness; Dhyana - Devotion, Meditation on the Divine; Samadhi - union with the Divine