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Tai Chi With Val Labelle


Six Sessions - 1 hour each

Time slot:  Thursdays. 10:30-11:30am  Beginning April 19, consecutively

For 4-10 adults

Location:  Murray Room at UUCH


Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art and health practice which focuses on whole body coordination that trains the body to move more efficiently and reduces physical stress on the joints and tissues of the body.  The health benefits of Tai Chi are becoming more recognized by Western medicine and it is helping people manage the aging process and various health issues in ways that are often surprising.


Sessions will include the following:

     -A warm-up routine made up of light stretches and movement activities usually starts the class.  This helps relax the body and prepares it for the practice session.  All of the stretches and warm-ups are done to your particular ability or flexibility level.  Tai Chi never forces deep stretches, nor is it an aerobic routine; you should not expect to be out of breath, sweating, or in pain.

     -Particular postures or movements from the form are often practiced next.  

     -Form practice will happen at almost every class as this is the center of our Tai Chi curriculum.  The class will often go through the entire form without stopping as the instructor leads.  You will  be asked to watch the form sequence or follow along the best you can to start to experience the form sequence that you will be learning.  

     -Qigong is translated as "energy work" and is often the last part of class.  Usually, the class will form a circle and the instructor will lead a series of movements that coordinate the mind, body, and breath.  This is often the most relaxing part of class and can leave students feeling calm and refreshed.

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