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The UU Church of Haverhill is a warm and welcoming church serving Haverhill and the greater Merrimack Valley and southern New Hampshire.

We are rooted in the progressive Protestant tradition and take inspiration from many sources. Your faith is welcome here. We are a certified Welcoming Congregation, which means we fully welcome GBLTQ folks into the church and our leadership. If you are seeking more connection, more meaning, and more purpose in your life, then please visit us!


This Sunday, October 22 at 10:30 am
"Be Not Afraid," Rev. Frank Clarkson Preaching

Our worship theme for October is "death." And death is often treated as a fearsome thing. But what if we would work through our fears? This would allow us to embrace our mortality, and learn that death is not as scary as we think, and be in touch with that Source, that Love, which is stronger even than death. We hope you'll come to church on Sunday!

Sign Up for Small Group Ministry!

We joyfully announce three new Small Group Ministry (SGM) opportunities! A vital part of faith formation and community building in many congregations, SGM consists of facilitated small groups of about 6 people each, an intentional way to connect with others and deepen your faith. The groups will meet at church five times for 90 minutes each, beginning the week of October 23 and wrapping up before Christmas. Groups will meet on Monday mornings, Monday evenings, and Thursday evenings. Please commit to all five sessions of your chosen group. Visit this link to sign up or use the sign up sheets in the Murray Room! 

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