A Place Where You Belong

A healthy and vital church is a community that helps you connect with that mystery people call God, the Spirit of Life, or whatever you name you give that source of life and love. And it’s a community where you connect with other people, where you are known and accepted for who you are, a place where you belong.

At UUCH we call ourselves a welcoming, caring, faith community, because making these connections, between people and with the Spirit, is central to who we are. We are people of different generations, backgrounds and theologies, united by our desire for spiritual depth and making ours a better world. We aim to be a community of liberation, growing in love and diversity, transforming lives and the world, together.

Much of this transformative work gets done in gatherings and small groups, and in these pages you will find information about the growing number of opportunities for connection we offer here, including some groups we are proud to host. We hope you’ll check them out!