Religious Education

A healthy spirituality is one that’s always seeking new understanding and insights. Buddhists talk about the value of “beginners mind,” and here we aim to create a culture of lifelong learning and faith formation.

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We offer age-appropriate religious education for children and youth, and adult programs to help you go deeper in your spiritual life. Parents and caregivers are welcome to stay upstairs with their young people as they adjust to the new environment.

Several times a year, our focus will be on spiritual practices like yoga, mindfulness, loving kindness meditation, or gratitude. Other RE rituals include service projects such as making fleece hats for local people in need during the December Holidays.

Nursery and Preschool

Our goal in the Nursery and Preschool Classrooms is to show our youngest friends that church is a safe and fun place to be.

The nursery is open on Sundays from 10:25 am until the end of worship. In the Preschool/Kindergarten Classroom, we begin with opening rituals that include a song, a sharing stone “check-in,” a unison affirmation, and tactile play.

After the opening ritual, we read a story while sharing a snack. The story will often relate to the monthly worship theme or be based on a lesson from the “Spirit Play” or “Treasure Hunting Take Two” Curricula.

Elementary Years

Our Elementary Age young people split into two classrooms: Grades 1- 3 and Grades 4-6. Both classes begin with opening rituals that include a unison affirmation, check-ins, and a chalice lighting.

Next, young people in the elementary classrooms share a snack and engage in an art, story, or game-based lesson incorporating a lesson from the “Picture Book Bible Tales” or “Spirit of Adventure” Curricula.

Beginning in February, 2018, we will offer the 5th-6th Grade Our Whole Lives Comprehensive Sexuality Education Program. During the 2018-2019 church year, we plan to offer the Kindergarten and Grade 1 Our Whole Lives Comprehensive Sexuality Education Program.


Junior Youth (Grades 6-9) begin their morning with opening rituals that include check-ins and a chalice-lighting. 

From September 2016–December 2017, our Junior Youth completed the “Building Bridges” Curriculum to that explored neighboring faiths such as Judaisim, Hinduism, Buddhism, and many others. Beginning in January, 2018, they will be engaging in interactive programming that further explores the theological questions Building Bridges brought up, as well as important stories featured in sacred texts from around the world.

During alternate years, curricula used with Junior Youth include “Traditions with a Wink” and “Coming of Age.” In addition, many youth participate in the Junior High “Our Whole Lives” Comprehensive Sexuality Education Program during their 8th Grade year, which we cosponsor on Sunday nights with a few local churches.

Senior Youth (Grades 10-12) do not gather officially on Sunday mornings, but are welcome to stay in the service to experience the sermon or join the Junior Youth upstairs in their classroom.

Senior Youth meet periodically throughout the year for potluck dinners, fellowship, and service opportunities. During winter 2018, UUCH is finish up the ever-popular High School “Our Whole Lives” Program that reviews and expands on the Junior High Comprehensive Sexuality Education program.


Adult Education

Adult Education at UUCH is an ever-evolving program that depends on your input and expertise! Our main focus right now is Small Group Ministry, which provides a space for no more than 10 congregants to join together on their spiritual journey by exploring short readings and themes on a regular basis. 

Book Groups, Movie Nights, Sunday Afternoon Gentle Yoga, Social Justice Education Groups, Monthly Worship Theme Discussions, "Foundations" sessions for newcomers and many other offerings occur throughout the year.

If there is something you would like to learn about, teach, or discuss with your fellow parishioners, let us know. Past curricula used in Adult Education at UUCH have included “Building Your Own Theology,” “Being White in a Racist World,” and “Articulating Your UU Faith.”