Pastoral Care

Part of being a community is caring for one another. 

Our Caring Support Team is a group of volunteers who organize rides, meals, and other forms of short-term support for folks in need due to aging, illness, and other life transitions. Members of the congregation make this support possible by being part of our Wider Network of Care, offering these tangible ways of helping.

For more personal and acute pastoral needs, contact Rev. Frank Clarkson. If you are struggling with a personal or a spiritual crisis, if you know of someone in the hospital or in trouble, if you need someone to talk to, Rev. Frank would like to hear from you. He offers a caring presence, a listening ear, and can help with referrals to more specialized providers. He’s also the person to speak to about rites of passages like weddings, funerals and child blessings.

Rev. Frank works with a select group of church members, the Pastoral Support Team, who have experience and training in helping people deal with life crises. They help extend the pastoral ministry here by visiting folks who are homebound or in the hospital, and by being a caring and supportive presence for people in the congregation